Worker Route Limit? Fetch failed

The wildcard that is available currently is a bit too global.

For example we want to match:

But we don’t want to match a level deeper:

So the wildcard store/* doesn’t work for us.

We have tried to add the routes we need to a wrangler.toml and upload it using wrangler publish but after about 45 minutes of uploading we receive the response:
✘ [ERROR] fetch failed

We are trying to upload 17.500 routes to our worker. Is that perhaps too much?
The docs don’t describe a max number of routes.


Yeah there is a new limit on routes. Could you please create a support ticket so that we can look into increasing this for you? Please let me know the ticket number once you have created it :slight_smile:

We are working on documenting this new limit right now


Thanks for the quick reply. Ticket number is: 2734090

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Thanks, we have escalated it :slight_smile:

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