Worker R2 API put() does not store Content-Encoding

Hello! I am creating objects in a R2 bucket using a R2 API from a plain Javascript Worker, with a call like this: (body is a gzipped JSON blob)

await BUCKET.put('some/path', body, {
  httpMetadata: {
    contentType: 'application/geo+json',
    contentEncoding: 'gzip',
  customMetadata: {
    userID: userid,

But the Content-Encoding header is missing in responses (via access to the public bucket URL), or the raw gzip is being wrapped inside a br response, then a Content-Encoding: br is served (via a the custom, cache enabled domain name accessing the bucket).

Querying the object metadata using the S3 API tells me the Content-Encoding header is not being stored in the R2 bucket:

aws s3api head-object --bucket bucket-name --endpoint-url hxxps:// --key some/path
“LastModified”: “Sat, 28 Jan 2023 16:22:11 GMT”,
“ETag”: “XXXXXX”,
“ContentType”: “application/geo+json”,
“Metadata”: {
“userID”: “YYYYYY”

This is now working properly. The stored Content-Encoding is being respected and the CDN is correctly transcoding the compression as required by the client Accept-Encoding.