Worker POSTs to external URL and always returns 200

Hi all,

I’m experiencing a weird issue, let me explain. A simple CF worker POSTs some data in a ClickHouse instance managed by Altinity, and when I test the wrangler worker locally, the POST request is working as expected, but the published worker always returns a 200 status even with a wrong or non-existent URL, wrong credentials, etc… When I use the correct URL and credentials, I’m once again receiving a 200, but the data is not sent to ClickHouse at all.

Any ideas on what could be the issue?

Thanks in advance!!!

Hello there, make sure Wrangler is on its latest version.

To check your Wrangler version, run:

npx wrangler --version
// or
npx wrangler version
// or
npx wrangler -v

To update the version of Wrangler used in your project, run:

npm install wrangler@latest

Do you happen to have a support ticket open already for this case? If so, could you share its ID?