Worker on wildcard domain

We have a worker registering clicks in e-mails.

These URLs are uniquely identified but a subdomain for each customer.

So, etc.

We don’t need proxy for the wildcard domain in DNS as such, but just want to be able to let this one worker respond to *

Is Enterprise really the only way to achieve this for us? Seems “funny” as the cert that is issued for a domain is really a wildcard cert in the first place :slight_smile:


It’s not a technical barrier, it’s a business decision to gate wildcard proxying behind Enterprise. This, in turn, means you can’t use Workers with wildcard subdomains since workers can only trigger once traffic hits the CF network.

Ok, well, I certainly wouldn’t mind paying for that privilege.

It’s just that there’s quite the gap between “hey, pay us $5 to be able to run workers like a mad man” up to the typical “hey, let’s have your wife and first born” terms of an enterprise agreement.

At least I’m pretty sure that enterprise money doesn’t fit the pocket size of my one-man company.