Worker not working when enabled for a specific route


Hi there!

I contacted Cloudflare support but they told me they cannot help me with this and asked me to post the question to the community.
The thing is that I created a worker that works fine when I test it in sandbox mode but then it doesn’t work when I enable some routes to test it in my real site.
My worker should retrieve content from a different page and it’s not doing it. It means the routes I set are not working.
Screenshot 1 is how my worker is configured.

Screenshot 2 is how the page looks when testing it in the sandbox mode (and what actually is the desired behavior)

Screenshot 3 is how it looks when I visit the page from the browser (it’s not fetching the one from the other server, as you can see, the background is different, among other differences)

Have anyone faced something similar and may know what’s going on?

I would really appreciate any help on this.



On the route add:




@adaptive @Xaq thanks for replying.

I already tried both alternatives but it didn’t work either

#5 doesn’t have :orange: Cloudflare active.
Although using cloudflare dns the :orange: but needs to be active on the DNS tab at the dashboard.


Thank you @adaptive. That made the trick.