Worker not updating after publish

What version of Wrangler are you using?


What operating system are you using?


Describe the Bug

I made a change to an API endpoint and published. The endpoint is a simple return c.json(“TEST2”), it was “TEST1”. When testing from Postman the returned value didn’t change leading me to believe the worker is being cached?

If I look at the Quick Edit tool, the new value appears fine.

Is there an issue with workers not getting updated after a wrangler publish? I waited a few minutes and still the same.


Update: I created a new API endpoint called “/test” and the new endpoint works in the Quick Link tool, but Postman shows 404 not found error.

I’m getting hit with the same problem. There’s an outage listed on the status page.

As suspected, this is due to update delays:

I’d recommend following that status page for more information.


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