Worker not triggering with valid route

I’ve been using a worker script as a link shortener/URL redirect tool. This has been working just fine until this weekend, when I discovered that adding the www prefix to my website address will no longer trigger the worker.

When using the preview option, the script works just fine with or without the www prefix. However, on the live site I cannot add the www prefix to a redirect address, or otherwise the worker is not triggered and no redirection happens. Any actual page on my site can be accessed with or without the www prefix.

I am using the route **, which I understand should match any route to my domain, and which also had been working just fine for nearly two years. Thanks for any help or suggestions.

I’m so sorry to specifically tag you @sdayman, but I wasn’t sure how else to reach out. It seems you’re all over this community solving many problems, so if you have any ideas I would very much appreciate them.