Worker isn't showing up for domain

First time working with Cloudflare workers, and I’ve checked around for as much info as I can find, but I have a domain name I just added to Cloudflare, which was originally using an Alias domain, which was configured to A and AAAA records (domain name still seems to be working, so I’m not worried) pointing to teachable.

I wanted to setup some workers that can redirect users from India to a special page, and I’ve checked by using a VPN and it seems to be working, when I use my workers domain, but when I add my domain as a route configured as:


It seems it’s not working BUT my original workers domain seems to be just fine. I do have cloudlfare cloud enabled for my domain, also, which I saw some people say this could be the reason, but mine is turned on.

Any ideas?

FYI: I’ve also tried the route:


And this also fails. I only want redirects happening on the root route/home page and not any other pages.

What’s the difference between your original domain and this new domain? Are they two different domains?

What I do see is that Teachable uses Cloudflare, so it’s quite likely that your Cloudflare settings cannot be applied to Teachable hosting that goes through their own Cloudflare account.

The original domain is just the worker domain. For some reason we have to have a worker domain, which is fine. And I can test that it’s working fine there, BUT not on the domain i setup in routing.

Hmm, so you think that cause i’m using cloudflare and so are they that this could conflict?

That’s normal, though I always set mine to Inactive.

There have been some issues with Workers recently, as per this page:

So your path is * correct? If so, that will only cover the index page. I’m assuming you will probably want paths covered too so you will want **

Be aware the route will cover all subdomains and your apex. You may want to only cover a certain one like* which would cover only the teachable subdomain.

That’s intentional:

Unfortunately, it’s not covering anything at the moment, thus the mystery.

Indeed, I ONLY want this on the route, and I have no idea why it’s not working. I’d figure it should work fine since the path should be correct:

I want http AND https to cover, and ONLY the root path, since I’m doing a redirect on the root path only.

there’s no teachable subdomain. My www/main domain is pointed directly to my teachable account.