Worker: Is it possible to fetch data from a server that requires an intermediate certificate download?

Some websites are served through HTTPS, but their server doesn’t provide the full certificate chain required to check to check their identity when making an SSL connection. Instead, they require clients to fetch intermediate certificates using AIA (Authority Information Access). Is it possible to access data on such websites from cloudflare workers ?

A simple request results in an error that (mistakenly) states “Invalid SSL certificate”.

Example is accessible from browsers, but not from cloudflare workers :

It looks like the cert chain is out of order and there are extra certs?

You may be able to set the SSL settings to “Full” and not “Full Strict” and it may work as-is, but ideally you would fix that chain as it may cause problems elsewhere.

To be clear: I do not own the domain from which I want to fetch data. I would like to be able to fetch data from any HTTP server on the internet, however they setup SSL on their side.