Worker Injected Origin headers add `HTTP-` to all key names

I have a new worker that i use to inject geolocation headers to the origin call. the code looks like this

addEventListener("fetch", event => {

async function handleRequest(request) {
  const requestWithRegion = new Request(request);
  requestWithRegion.headers.set('NOCACHE', 1);
  return await fetch(requestWithRegion);

The issue is that these headers come out as HTTP_X_REGION_CODE, HTTP_X_REGION, HTTP_X_POSTAL_CODE, HTTP_NOCACHE.

For all of the geolocation stuff that is fine but i need HTTP_NOCACHE to drop the HTTP_ and just be NOCACHE to prevent my origin application from using the caching it has in place. Before you bother suggesting, I cannot alter the origin app. I must send exactly NOCACHE as a header value.

Any suggestions?

Where are you seeing the HTTP_ prefix? This doesn’t sound like something Workers is doing, and those headers are absolutely going to be sent exactly as you have defined them, like x-region-code, etc.

Is it possible you’re seeing this in PHP’s $_SERVER? This is simply how PHP (via CGI) represents HTTP headers; any element in $_SERVER that starts with HTTP_ is from a request header, like HTTP_HOST maps to the host header, for example.

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that is EXACTLY what it is. I am seeing that in the


that I am using to debug. :man_facepalming:t3: I forgot about that!!! Thanks.

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Thank you @cherryjimbo

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