Worker in "dev" and "remote" using "image resizing" returning full image

I’m setting up a better dev environment. I’m trying to get my image serving worker to work via wrangler dev --remote . This worker uses the “Resize with Cloudflare Workers” . When deployed to the cloud, this worker properly resizes images to the desired size. Eg. a thumbnail to 400x300.

However, when this worker is deployed using wrangler dev --remote the image being returned is the full size original. I’m on a paid plan(s) that includes image resizing and workers.

I’m logging the calls, and I can see the on the fetch set the width and height accordingly. The “src” is based in R2.

Does cloudflare workers work with image resizing in wrangler dev --remote? This article seems to imply that it should. Or does it only work when fully deployed to the cloud?

Am I missing something to get it to work?