Worker getting Access Denied Error on CF websties

I have a worker which pulls data from a Cloudflare website which I do not have control over.
I thought to speed up development time when I use Cloudflare Workers, I was using Firebase/Cloud Functions before.
I really like the interface and so on and so forth, but I can’t access Cloudflare protected websites (duh) and there is nothing I feel like I can do about it.
Status Code is 1009.

Is there anything I could do or is it back to Google Cloud?

That error typically means the owner of the website blocked you: Error 1009

How is the request from the worker made?

Hello, the error 1009 means that access was blocked (or denied by site owner or a site admin), this typically is a result of a blocked IP or IP ranges, if you are the site owner, allow YOUR IP as you are able to do this via the cloudflare dashboard then click on your site, May I request your site URL (a link to your website) to see if I get the same error? If you are a site visitor ask the site owner to allow access for you. Again what’s the website link. @altayakkus1993