Worker gets blocked

I have a proxy cloudflare worker and when I call it on postman after sometime it says this:

Please enable cookies.

Sorry, you have been blocked

If I close and reopen Postman the error goes away and let’s me fetch the endpoint normally, is there any setting that could be triggering this behavior?


If that is your site, then you can check the RAY-ID of the response in your WAF logs to see the rule which triggered the block. If it isn’t your site, then your worker could have triggered a rule in the upstream host.

If this (as it seems to, considering [Cloudflare]: Certificate Transparency Notification for) is happening on your own website, you can use the “Security Events” page, to look up the Ray ID after you’ve been blocked.

Here’s how that can be done:

That should at least be able to give you some insight in e.g. why it happened, which rule triggered the blocking, et cetera.

Feel free to share the information you see there, if you require further assistance regarding how to interpret the information you see.

Thanks guys, by looking at the Ray it says:

“manage definite bots”
Service: Managed rules
User agent: PostmanRuntime/7.36.0

Bot Fight Mode for Definite Bots

Rule #: 48ba18287c544bd7bdbe842a294f1ae2

This is a false positive because it’s me using postman calling a worker as a proxy to fetch an endpoint on my aws account.

I found that the problem is the option below, but I’m not a bot on Postman… is that a bug?

@DarkDeviL @Cyb3r-Jak3

No. Postman will show as automated. Cloudflare only considers human browsers as, not bots.

You also shouldn’t have super bot fight mode on unless you are being attacked by bots as it will cause issues.

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