Worker for notion is not working well. database is empty with errors

I haven’t changed anything, but it suddenly stopped working some time ago. We are experiencing serious problems due to difficulties in operating the site.

[pseudo-lab]( ) is not showing any database (such as table, gallery, and so on)
with errors like below

please compare to this origin page,
[origin page](

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At this time, my site will show databases at my domain with Safari on MacOS and Google Chrome on Windows 10.

Firefox, Edge, and IE web browsers all load the site with no databases.

Hey! I was facing the same issue and was able to get it fixed. Apparently this is a problem with Fruition and not Cloudflare. Have a look on github. com/stephenou/fruitionsite/issues/241

I combined my code (the one we copy on worker) with the one on this link github.
com/stephenou/fruitionsite/pull/243/files and it worked.
Hope it helps!


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