Worker error for India location (SIN)

My worker is not working for SIN location, and this is frustrating, because I’m not from that location and saw issue from google traffic and start to investigate.

example of request:
cf-ray: 5a1a0851fcd0dd42-SIN

I was on free Plan, then I bought Unlimited Plan for Workers. The issue did not resolved. Then I added event.passThroughOnException() in my code. Now it’s working ok, but still generates exception.

I canceled Unlimited Pack. I’m on Free Plan now, but the money did not come back. What for I paid?

That description is not exactly helpful.

What makes you think it didnt work in Singapore and what was the error?

Because I testest wiht automated http testing tool on ~13 locations, all other location generated 200 code, but India location 500.

Generated page showed only Ray ID and UTC time, no other data. This is definitely Cloudflare Worker error for SIN location. Worker code do not use any other services or requests. Only generate HTML response for request. “Fail Open” was ON, so this is not Request Limit error.

Then you would need to debug your code to find the point where it fails.

It fail not in my code!!!

How can you tell? Post your code.

My code is private, if you are admin, you can see. There is same code an all locations, without subrequests, without KV, without other API or services, just JS that generates HTML. Falis only on SIN location.

If you do not want to post details, the community cannot assist and you can only contact support.

Explain me, why the same code works on all locations, but not SIN? JS code without subrequest or other Cloudflare API calls?

There can be plenty of reasons and without knowing the code it is impossible to say.

You need to talk to support.

3 biggest reasons?

Are you going to post the code or not?

You said plenty, say 3 biggest!

Again you need to contact support. The community cannot help.