Worker endpoints not working after deployment on Cloudflare


I created and deployed my first worker on Cloudflare. I have 3 endpoints configured in my worker namely - get("/"), get("/posts") and post("/addPost"). Before deploying my worker on Cloudflare I had tested the endpoints locally on my computer using Postman and all of the endpoints were working as expected.

After the deployment when I am trying to test the endpoints using the URL of the deployed worker I see that only the base get("/") endpoint is responding whereas for the other two endpoints - get("/posts") and post("/addPost") are not responding when I send a request using Postman.

I feel this has got something to do with how I have deployed the worker. Is there something I am missing out with regards the deployment procedure. If it helps in finding the issue, I can upload my files on github.

This is the link to my project uploaded on Github:

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