Worker Egress Bandwidth Costs and Cache API

As per the current pricing page, Egress bandwidth for unbound workers is charged at $0.045/GB.

Do cached responses using the worker Cache API contribute to those Egress costs? Or will we only be charged for bandwidth sent to the cache?

For context looking at setting up a CDN-like worker to fetch and serve data from remote buckets.

Edit: Looks like part of the answer is here

Yes. Serving from the cache is still egress (data out), it would improve response time but there is still a response sent there.

Thanks! That makes sense and matches what I’m seeing in my worker dashboard right now.

I know there was a great discussion around worker caching and pricing. Still a bit disappointing that, by being sneaky user, it’s significantly cheaper to use an external function or server ([email protected], Linode or Vultr) and use Cloudflare to cache content (assuming you’re already paying for Cloudflare package).

Even unbound should still be cheaper than something like lambda. I’m interested though, why do you need Unbound rather than Bundled?

Unbound can be very good (slightly cheaper for quick requests for example) but it isn’t always required.

Ah that makes more sense. I got confused by the pricing breakdown. Looks like bundled will be still very cheap! Thanks for pointing that out, feel silly now :sweat_smile:.

Yeah the pricing breakdown isn’t very clear haha. There’s an open issue to improve that. Unbound is simply $0.5/million requests. No egress charge and 50ms CPU time (not wall clock)

You should join the official community :slight_smile:


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