Worker does not work on actual route, but works on

I’ve been trying to deploy my application for quite a while now, but I got completely stuck and have no idea. Basically when I deploy everything works wine on *, but when I’m trying to access my actual domain, I get 404 for all my sources. I was wondering if it has something to do with route, here is my wrangler.toml. I’m building my website on nuxt 3.

name = "project"
main = "./.output/server/index.mjs"
workers_dev = true
compatibility_date = "2022-09-10"

name = "development"
route =*
name = "production"
route = "*"

bucket = ".output/public"```

Does the route show under Triggers for the worker in the dashboard?

Yes, I have both

My suggestion is to use Pages rather than Workers Sites.

Possibly because you haven’t set a base path in Nuxt that matches the route.

My website is not static, it’s ssr

baseURL: '/test-route/'

This config option is set

Without seeing the site, without seeing the code, I am only throwing sand in the wind.