Worker Deployment Issue: CPU Limit Policy Changes Causing Deployment Error

Hello everyone,
We’ve been using a Nuxt 3 project on Cloudflare Pages (with workers). Everything was functioning correctly until March 1st. Occasionally, when a user enters our page, they encounter an error. It doesn’t happen every time, but some users experience this issue.

After conducting some research, we discovered that Cloudflare Workers have undergone changes in their usage policies. In response, we identified a CPU limit page and set it to a specific value (Value = highest function summary metric graph value + 50 ms). However, after implementing this limit, the project is not deploying, and the following error is encountered.

Worker Pages deployment error and 1102 error. Error: Failed to publish your Function. Got error: workers.api.error.cpu_ms_limit_not_allowed_for_usage_model.

We appreciate any insights or suggestions on resolving this issue.

Hi there I have opened ticket #3170865 to further discuss this with you, could you please check and respond to the ticket with the needed information?


Hello, I responded fyi.

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We are experiencing the same problem with our Nuxt 3 application. Everything was working fine until March 1st. After that, we got reports that users got 1102 errors (not everytime but more than manageable). Changing the CPU limit in Cloudflare also resulted in our deployments no longer working. So I think this is an issue that more people are experiencing.

Thanks for reporting. I would watch this incident for further updates on the issue, and try again when it is resolved:


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