Worker Dashboard set up Environment

Hi everyone

I’ve got a number of workers running. I don’t use wrangler, I use the dashboard. Previously I could create new environments for a worker script from the dashboard. I’ve just created a new worker and only have the Production environment with no option to a new one.

Has something changed? Is this option hidden somewhere I’m not seeing it?

This is what I can see on some of my workers:

But not on new workers

On the Environments documentation page it says

You can only use environments with Wrangler.

and on the Wrangler Environments documentation page it says

We have temporarily disabled the creation of Service Environments while we are improving this feature.

So yes, it would appear something has changed (and still is changing.)

Thanks, but I’m pretty sure I did not set up the original worker scripts via Wrangler. I’ve tried Wrangler but it’s overkill for what I need in most cases.

Ah well, I’ll just maintain a separate ‘Dev’ and ‘Live’ script.

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