Worker custom route never triggering

I’m having a confusing issue when trying to access a worker on a custom route. Let me give you some context.

  • Originally had CNAME record going to external site, e.g.
    docs . my-domain . com -> 123 . app . gitbook . com

  • Created worker to proxy traffic to 123 . app . gitbook . com

  • Removed existing CNAME for docs . my-domain . com

  • Deployed worker with custom domain docs . my-domain . com (status incl. cert deployed okay)

  • Have some console.logs inside worker (before any logic happens) to ensure worker is being hit

  • When going to docs . my-domain . com I get a 302 redirect to 123 . app . gitbook . com and no console.log from worker tail?

  • Add another custom route e.g. docs2 . my-domain . com and deploy. This proxies as expected and receive the expected output from worker tail.

  • Enable workers .dev, proxying also works via my-worker .workers .dev

I have also removed custom route from Cloudflare to ensure that browsing to docs . my-domain . com does not resolve (which it doesnt) then re-added. Even if the site I am proxying is returning the 302 I should have received some logs from the workers to confirm it is indeed processing the route.

Any help would be appreciated.

Had to contact Gitbook as per same issue

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