Worker cpu / memory edge

Hello, I am trying to create a web app for thousands of people using cloudflare worker.

May I know the probability of reaching cpu / memory edge for the paid plan.

My usages
1 - pure js
2 - no external fetch, no node modules, just html routes
3 - as much as kv read and write
4 - many traffic
5 - like a chat app

if they were my usages, may i know the estimate max range of traffic or kv usages with cloudflare 50 ms and 128 mb. Thank you.

Another one is, if there is an end, how can i extend it.

Unfortunately there is no actual way to tell you if the limit were to be reached. The extremely vast majority of scripts, especially with the few features you are listing don’t even come close to reaching the limit. There is a free plan (or 5$ if you want to test with KV). KV has its rates, they are all listed at

The number of requests is unlimited, as the limit you list in per request. You will be billed per request, at the 50 cents per million rate. If the number is high enough (not a specific amount) you may want to contact sales for a specific contract.

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Thank you .