Worker 1016 but only for a specific domain

I have made a cloudflare worker to redirect to

<open website but it’s literally a prototype, so please do not use it yet (: >

This worker seems to work if I point it to other {x} domains, it seems to work if I point it to any other website.

It specifically fails with this domain – but there’s nothing weird about the records – it’s a domain registered with cloudflare for which I moved the NS server to Route 53 – and beyond that it has an A record (pointing to the IP(s) of an AWS LB), a SOA record and a CNAME for a subdomain AWS uses to validate the SSL cert

I am at a loss as to what could be causing the issue and found no one with a similar issue – in all other cases it seems that the domain begin re-routed to itself has an issue, but I can find none here.

I assume it has something to do with the tld being hosted by cloudflare but the domain I’m using here having it’s NS records on route53, since this is the one strange thing of note here, but beyond that I’m at a loss as to what I should or could o here.

Just to clarify, since the original post makes it confusing:

  • On route 53 the subdomain I wish to re-route to has an NS record with 4x entries
  • On Cloudflare (where the tld is registered) I have 4x NS records for the subdomain with the 4x entries in route 53, to have the DNS for it handled by route53