Workaround for 'Bypass Cache on Cookie' Pro plan? Use URL parameters for Ads?

Like many Pro users, I’m rather (very!) frustrated that we can’t use the ‘Bypass Cache on Cookie’ page rule. This makes caching HTML pages a nightmare and dangerous for a CMS like Wordpress.

I was thinking about a workaround. A lot of my traffic comes from ads, like Google Ads.
Could I create a page rule, something like;
URL Match: mydomain*?googleurlparameter * (ignore the space before the last star)
Setting 1: Cache Everything
Setting 2: Edge Cache TTL 1 month

So the idea would be it would cache the HTML page, only when someone visits the page from an ad (which for my case would be a logged in user, so no admin bar).

And in theory, Cloudflare would not cache the page for me, when I’m logged in as an admin on the front end, because I won’t have that URL parameter.

  1. If the above works (big if), would that URL Match cache any URL that includes ?googleurlparameter anywhere in the URL?
    EG. mydomain/mypage?googleurlparameter (yes it would cache)
    mydomain/mypage/mysubpage?googleurlparameter (yes it would cache)

  2. Once the page has been cached in the scenario no1 above, would a non logged in user be presented with the cached page? I’d hope so but, not sure how this works yet.
    EG. Someone visits the site by using the direct URL - mydomain/mypage , will they get the performance benefit / cached page?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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