Work with Stratum and TCP (without spectrum)

hey ,
i want to add run a stratum server through Cloudfare , i read somewhere i can be done using SERV record . but didnt find any reference on what record needs to be added , i want this request to work through miners -
, if anyone can help determine exactly what serv record needs to be added it would be great. I already tried this -

_stratum._tcp.pool. SRV 10 10 3433 IP. Automatic

Thanks !

You are mixing a few things here.

  1. Stratum seems to be a custom TCP protocol and this you cant proxy over Cloudflare. Hence a DNS record which you’d like to use for that purpose will have to be :grey:
  2. Port 3433 is not supported by Cloudflare, so that is another reason for :grey:
  3. SRV records do not allow you to proxy something that is usually unproxiable, but are rather a standardised way to announce a particular service with its hostname and port number. Whatever you can do with an SRV record you can do with an A record as well.
  4. In order to use an SRV record your client would need to support it to begin with. Does it?
  5. An SRV record requires a hostname and not an IP address.

My guess, configure an A record pointing to your Stratum server and make sure it is :grey:. In that way you wont have any security benefits, but you will be able to connect.

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