WordPressContact form 7でEmailRoutingを利用する

I am trying to use EmailRouting in WordPress Contact form 7, and when I go to “Edit Contact Form” and specify a custom address created with EmailRouting as the “Send To” address, and try to send an email with the form, I cannot send it. What should I do?

Cloudflare Email Routing is not involved in SENDING emails from your website. Cloudflare can only RECEIVE the emails sent by your website/server and route/forward them to your configured forwarding address(es).

It seems your WordPress website may not have been configured to send emails. The common resolution paths are:

  1. Contact your hosting provider to confirm if their server supports sending emails, and, if so, have them look into why your site is unable to send emails.

  2. Install a WordPress STMP plugin to use an external mail server to enable WordPress to send emails.

In any case, this can best be handled in the WordPress support forums: https://wordpress.org/support/forums/

Good luck!

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