Wordpress - WooCommerce - SiteGround - Cloudflare RailGun


After a round of updates on our woocommerce store we noticed that all the admin sideof the website became imensly slow. Be it editing products, orders, or any other item that used wp_admin.php.

Load times went from 4 secs to 1.3 mins per page simply waiting for raingun to deliver scripts and stylesheets.

After the usual round of debugging, disabling caches, disabling plugins be by one, it became aparent that
a) the problem was isolated to Cloudflare
b) the problem was deeply isolated at having railgun option enabled.

Therefore, knowing it is a good feature for frontend speed and disabling it comes at he cost of overall performance i am contacting to know if
a) other users have experienced the same issues
b) any way to further diagnose the problem and how to bring it back o the normal behaviour.

Some data:
Wordpress: 4.9.8
WooCommerce.: 3.5.1
PHP: 7.2.11
WP Super Cache as caching plugin
(any aditional data can be provided if necessary)

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