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Using the free CloudFlare account so far and have achieved good results for my wordpress woocommerce store. Still I am having issues with caching my single product pages. I contacted the cache plugin support and here is their statement - https://wordpress.org/support/topic/litespeed-cache-not-caching-single-product-pages/ “cf-cache-status MISS header is from CF, from what I know , it is supposed to work as this way , because if it’s hit , then your cart may not work correctly anymore.” . Is this true? And is there an option to cache single product pages without any problems?


To do this kind of conditional caching (e.g. not caching when a user has interacted with the cart or has logged in etc) you will need to use Bypass Cache on Cookie, which is a Business plan feature. For more information on this, take a look here:


Thanks for your answer. For now I am not planning to go Business…Still isn’t there a workaround?
What if I do Page rules Cache Level: Bypass /shopping-cart/ & /checkout/. Do you think that will work?


Actually I did something else that keeps the admin area, cart and checkout not cached, but all front pages cached with page rules. I did 2 rules:

  1. Cache Level: Cache Everything, Edge Cache TTL: 7 days - https://mysite.com/shop/*
  2. Cache Level: Cache Everything - https://mysite.com/*
    Now all my front pages except the cart/checkout/wishlist show cf-cache-status: HIT.

@simon, thanks for the Guide.

If someone thinks what I did will cause some additional troubles, please let me know :wink:



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