Wordpress & Woo Commerce Images not loading


I am receiving issues with the images on my product shop page.

The site loads, however, the image does not display unless an individual product is clicked.

However, when the page is refreshed after loading blank the images will appear.

My site runs WooCommerce & is delivered through a FREE cloudlfare plan

What’s the URL of the page with the problems?

hi, thanks for the quick reply.

The URL is DC Boutique the issue appears on any page after page 1
e.g https://dcboutique.co.uk/shop/page/2/

This seems to be a Lazy Loading image issue. I see you’re not using Rocket Loader, but if you have Minify JS enabled in the Speed settings page, you could try turning that off. But I suspect it’s an issue at your site itself.

Ok, I have checked all lazy loading and these are turned off. As well as minify JS.

The issue still appears, even after purging Cloudflare cache.

Is there any other settings that should be present in cloudflare?

Everything should work by default. If you pause Cloudflare from the Overview page (lower right corner) and wait five minutes to take effect, does the problem still occur?

yes, the issue is still present when Cloudflare is paused.

The issue was jetpack conflicting thanks for your help!

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