Wordpress with WP Rocket and Cloudflare

I am just wondering if anyone has tips for using WP Rocket caching plugin with Cloudflare.

I also use tools.pingdom to check the site performance. Is that a good enough choice? It seems to report some items that actually being done like Compress components with gzip, Add Expires headers, Reduce DNS lookups. pingdom has loadtime at 800ms so I figure that is fine. Google lighthouse I also check. Its all voodoo right…

Hi @craig.keefner, sorry to say, I am not familiar with WP Rocket, but it is mentioned on the site pretty frequently, https://community.cloudflare.com/search?q=wp%20rocket%20%20order%3Alatest. Some of the posts in that search are pretty recent and they may address some of your initial questions :crossed_fingers:

Edit - I did a bit of digging and found this guide, https://docs.wp-rocket.me/article/18-using-wp-rocket-with-Cloudflare and am working on collecting tips from around the site, web, and support

Hi @craig.keefner, I think pingdom and webpagetest will give you a great way to observe whether your changes make a performance difference. I am not aware about WP Rocket, but obviously the best perf boost will be from better edge caching without a risk of serving stalled content. That’s why I recommend WP caching plugin that Patrick Meenan developed in combination with Cloudflare worker you setup on the site. He wrote an extensive walkthrough how and why it make such an impact on loading time. As always I recommend testing both options and see what produce better results.

links to the code:
Cloudflare worker
Wordpress plugin


nice stuff, hadn’t seen that. Rocket has complete Cloudflare hand-in-glove setup and works pretty well. I guess I might try this though some weekend when I want to torment myself with speed numbers.

thanks. I think i got it straightened out. Lighthouse can be a pain.

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