WordPress with Google Authenticator login not working anymore


I’m new to the community here and unfortunately, the tips and hints I’ve found so far during troubleshooting did not help.

I’ve migrated my website’s DNS to Cloudflare just a few days ago. I also enabled the App Integration for WordPress subscription. That gave a huge plus to my website’s performance!

Today I wanted to moderate some comments, but unfortunately, I’m not able to log in anymore.

When I try to access the /wp-admin page, it’s not showing the known WordPress login as I’m familiar with. It shows just a login box on my website. When I try to log in, there’s an error:

ERROR : The Google Authenticator code is incorrect or has expired.


Yes, I have enabled the Google Authenticator plugin to secure my logins. But I did that months ago, and my website was working fine until I’ve migrated DNS servers. It was also working during the migration of DNS servers and when I was testing several Cloudflare features. But today, the login doesn’t work anymore.

*** Edit ***
Filed a support request (# 2169105)

What can I try?

Thank you!

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What’s the domain of your website?

It’s “driftar.ch”. But I just deleted the site from Cloudflare because the issue was urgent to my and I wasn’t able to solve the issue just with some troubleshooting.

First, I just renamed the Google Authenticator plugin so I was able to login again. That worked fine. Maybe the issue was caused by the plugin “ProfilePress” (formerly known as WP User Avatar). That was the last plugin I remember that did an update recently. Maybe that caused some redirect of the /wp-admin area and screwed up Google Authenticator.

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