Wordpress website sometimes take 6 to 8 sec to load

and when I say sometimes I really mean it. It’s so random. I have people test on their own computer and it loads less than 3 sec but at times it takes much longer to load.

The things that I have tried so far

Compress my images.
resize images
minify javascript and css files
use total cache plugin
use CDN server

I’m running out of ideas

My website: gameosphere.org

I’m seeing 2.82s on first load which isn’t bad. What are the host specs and limitations?

My hosting provider is godaddy. Not sure what my limitations are

What hosting package are you using on Godaddy?

We had several sites on different Deluxe hosts and found the overall performance of 1 CPU, 512 MB RAM and database was not enough. We’ve since found significantly faster hosting with 2GB+ RAM and SSD’s and some, a fraction of GoDaddy’s price. Unfortunately, finding better hosting on a budget involved testing others for a month before committing to change.

Since you’re talking about “sometimes”, I’d try setting a real cron job. Perhaps it helps, but it won’t end the issue totally, as there will be always a time when lots of visitors coincide with a cron job being performed.

WordPress needs cron jobs to run many tasks, such as regularly flushing and rebuilding cache. There are many plugins that create their own cron jobs. As default, WP will run all pending cronjobs every time there’s a hit on your website. If you set a real cron job, it will run on intervals you specify.

For more info on how to properly set a cron job, please check with your hosting, or google “wordpress real cron jobs”, there will be plenty of blog posts about it. Sounds a little too technical, but it’s actually quite easy to do if you follow the proper instructions.

Economy Hosting

  • 1 CPU
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 250,000 files
  • 100 entry processes

So there is your problem. You are on a shared hosting environment and your website is reliant on share resources. I would recommend updating to GoDaddy’s Business Hosting or a VPS if you plan on sticking with GoDaddy.

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sorry for ignorance but wouldn’t that only matter if my site has high amount of traffic as oppose to the traffic I have now which close to none?

No. It all makes a difference. 512MB Ram is really low and from the different GD hosts we tested, they all suffered from the same issues as you’re seeing.


@arash281pro, out of curiosity, what is the nearest major city? perhaps someone can recommend a better option. If your host is fast without Cloudflare, it’s sure to run even better with.


btw I’ve been using Cloudflare for the past 3 days. I’m not seeing a difference in load speed.

Like I said before, the bottleneck you’re seeing is the same we with that hosting company. Hard to go fast with a Ferrari if the tires are flat. :slight_smile:


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