Wordpress website refuses to register SSL - VULTR

I have created a few wordpress websites, I have always registered the domain and used cloudflare DNS. For whatever reason, I cannot get this VULTR hosted wordpress website to connect the SSL.

NET::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID (error) when viewing https://ceilingsandmoreinc.com

I am trying to understand if the web host is somehow forcing a self-signed cert, I have tried multiple HTTP → https redirection plugins, rekeying, and purging the install, but feel like I am missing anything dumb.

Appreciate any and all pointers, IDK what I am missing. I have followed cloudflare documentation to a T.

The website is trying to use a self-signed certificate for localhost. You need to use something like Let’s Encrypt to get a full valid certificate. You can also use an Origin Certificate if your site is always going to be proxied.

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