Wordpress Website not working through Load Balancer

Hi All,

I’ve setup a CF Load Balancer with 2 pools, 1 server per pool.

I’m looking to use it as a failover system in case 1 server failed. The servers in the pool are Web Servers, so basically if server A fails traffic will be routed to server B and vice versa.

I’ve got it all setup, and I created a test WordPress website. When I have the DNS of that subdomain pointing directly at the webserver (proxied or not) it works When I point the DNS of the subdomain to the Load Balancer, it DOES route traffic to the correct server but it seems like the address request is getting lost in translation somewhere because the server responds as if I typed in the address of the server, not the address of this website (which would be picked up by Apache and routed to the correct vHost).

Any thoughts on this issue?