WordPress website down after DNS change


I wanted to try Cloudflare for my website to make it faster and more secure. I’ve followed a step by step YouTube guide and cloudfare says my website is succesfully activated. But when I try to enter my website URL it shows that it is has no website on this address. This message is from my current hosting party (Plesk).

Can someone please help me?

Did the site load on HTTPS before? If not, then that’s the issue and you need to fix that on the server. A site needs to load securely before you use Cloudflare.

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Yes. Never had problems with HTTPS it was already secured. I’ve changed the nameservers to Cloudflare but when entering website URL it says:

‘’ This page is generated by [Plesk] the leading hosting automation software.
You see this page because there is no Web site at this address.‘’

website: sernaturallashes.nl

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I’d pause Cloudflare and clarify with your host if you have the correct DNS entries configured. If not, add the necessary ones and make sure the site loads. Once your site loads fine on HTTPS, you can unpause Cloudflare.

I’ve paused Cloudflare, changed nameservers and everything is OK for now. But I think I didn’t change the nameservers right or something

The nameservers are not the issue. You do have the correct IP address. At this point it would seem as if your server filters requests from the proxies. I’d unpause Cloudflare and verify if requests actually show up on the server, there may be some security setting which blocks Cloudflare IP addresses or request headers.

And how exactly can I verify if the request actually show up on the server? I’m not very technical in this case.

I appreciate your help!!!

You will need to take a look at the logs. You may need to contact your host.

You do have the correct IP address configured and the request is served by your server, however only with the default page. There was yesterday a similar case where the OP had some issues with his server setup. That may be also your issue, but only your developer or host can verify that.

If your server serves different content because of the proxy IP address or some HTTP headers, then you would need to fix that first on the server.

when going on website sernaturallashes.nl and click on login it shows me an unsecured url of the website with /8443


That’s a different issue, but you seem to have fixed the server issue as the site loads fine at this point.

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