Wordpress website displays Index of/ after changing nameservers to cloudflare

Hi and Good morning, my WordPress website (florahomesgc.com) isn’t working since yesterday, it only displays a blank page with an index of/. I observed this after I changed my nameservers to the one Cloudflare provided me with. Please, your urgent assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Oluwasegun. E

Does your IP address end in 21? Are you sure you have that address configured?

Good morning Sandro, My physical IP address ends in 38 and not 21, I only changed the nameservers, I didn’t configure the IP address.

And that 38 address is correct? If it is, check your server logs.

Under the 21 address I get the following

Okay please how do Change it to 21 and do I have to change the whole address or just change the last one(38) to 21?


Check #tutorials for how to edit DNS records.

As for the address, you best talk to your host. You need the correct address configured, thats all.

God bless you and thanks for your quick and useful response.

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