Wordpress website displaying pages 4 years old and the rest are missing - 12 days now

I’m not a dev, I’m a body modification artist. I’ve had a wordpress based website through 123reg for about 12 years. On Jan 21st I tried to view my website, the theme and layout was there but no pages. A few of the pages were displaying page versions from 4 years ago which must be in a backup somewhere i guess?

17th Nov i started using cloudflare for the security certificate so I can take payments via my site. It has been totally fine until now. I dont know if its a wordpress update that’s messed it up? There’s no rollback options for wordpress versions, that i know of.

123reg customer support say they cant do anything because it would need to be resolved through cloudflare.
I have logs if someone can look please. I’m completely stumped and I’m usually ok with this for a non-dev. Thanks

The heck is happening? Is this some sort of weird cache issue? Where? And how did it start?

Your site is working fine right now, so it’s hard to troubleshoot. If it suddenly fixed itself after making a random change to the site, that would imply that a cache somewhere was stuck, either a Wordpress cache plugin or your theme’s own caching behavior.

If it happens again, first thing to do is pause Cloudflare on your site. In the Cloudflare dashboard, when you go to the domain, in the lower right there is a link that says “Pause Cloudflare on this site”. This will tell you whether the problem lies with Cloudflare. If you pause Cloudflare and the problem persists, then the cache causing the trouble is within Wordpress, either a cache plugin or the built-in cache in the Divi theme you’re using.


Legendary - will try that thanks!

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