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I’m a newbie! today somehow the sales department convinced me that that bringing our business website over to the Cloudflare platform would be easy as one two three.

Now our website is down, the DNS pointers are I believe pointed at Cloudflare and i have not been able to deploy the Wordpress site onto the Cloudflare platform.

any help would be appreciated

How are you trying to deploy to Cloudflare? Are you deploying a static WordPress site to Pages?

Or are you simply proxying through Cloudflare to a server somewhere?


This is where i got stuck! I can no longer access my cpanel or the wordpress dashboard to install the needed plugin.

I could ask them to restore the site! but i’m faily sure the correction lays with the DNS Changes we made today on the Cloudflare platform. If we could go put everything back to how it was when we first oppened the Cloudflare account i’m sure it would resolve the issue.


Have you tried pausing Cloudflare to see if you can access the site?

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How do we pause Cloudflare?

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Thank you! pausing the Cloudflare site worked!

however we still can’t access the cpanel!

You can’t access cPanel when Cloudflare is paused? Then it isn’t a Cloudflare issue.

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