Wordpress WAF rules

I have a number of sub-domains on my account for various .net API services. The WAF is currently switched on for those sub domains with a couple of the rulesets enabled.

We have recently added a wordpress blog under another sub-domain. Id now like to enable the wordpress ruleset on the WAF.

Might I see any performance degradation of my non-wordpress sites by having it enabled globally?

Or can I use a rule of some sort to only enable it for a single sub-domain?

These sub-domains have WAF enabled with Specials and Miscellaneous rulesets only

This sub-domain also has the WAF wordpress ruleset enabled

I am not an expert user so I cannot say for sure if it will cause degradation on the .net sites but the way I see it it should not. I have mainly IIS (.NET) sites and have had wordpress rules in place with no issues.

On the free plan and the pro plan you definitely cannot segregate individual waf rules for different subdomains. This may be doable on the business or enterprise plan as you can have custom rules, but from what I see so far it does not seem like that is doable with the custom waf rules.

I assume on Enterprise they would be willing to work with you.

Also I found this which seems to indicate the ability to separate out subdomains from the main domain, but in my opinion this probably over complicates stuff for no reason and its probably not necessary.

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