Wordpress Visual Editor Not Working + Chrome shows "Load unsafe scripts"


Disabled rocket loader but couldnt fixed.

  • Wordpress visual editor buttons arent loading and chrome shows “load unsafe scripts”. When I load unsafe scripts the visual editor buttons come up however https bar goes to red: image

I think there is an error on SSL. I use both my built in certificate which is deployed into cloudflare as CRS. And SSL in CF set as “Full”.
I tried many things but couldnt get any workaround.


Your screenshot shows example.com, which is a demo site. What’s the real URL?

Red https sometimes indicates Mixed Content. You can test this at https://www.whynopadlock.com/


The site shows green bar. So its okay. But when I try to open visual editor on wp-admin area, it doesnt load buttons and gives unsafe scripts error.
How can I fix it?


Do you use CSP (Content Security Policy) in your website? That’s one source of an unsafe script warning. Other than that, without knowing the specifics of the failed script, that’s all I can suggest.

I use Chrome Dev Tools when tracking down broken webpages. The Network and Console tabs are pretty helpful.

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