Wordpress Update Does not Work

I transferred my DNS management to Cloudflare because of free SSL. The WordPress does not auto-update any longer. I looked at some of the forms and found no answer. For example, Wordpress update fails when CF enabled

I even consulted with the WordPress team and it seems like everything is fine but the proxy does block the communication. Please share your comments to resolve the issue. I really appreciate any help you can provide.

What does this mean? Did your site not load on SSL before? If so that’s an issue and probably explains why your site does not work. The site needs to work on SSL before you use Cloudflare and you need to fix that first.

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The cloudflare offers free ssl if the nameservers of the domain are transferred. I transferred it. Mysite loads the ssl. It looks good but the communication does not go through. How? My wordpress update does not work. I need to do it manually.

Cloudflare does not offer SSL, unless you get an Origin certificate which is not any different from Let’s Encrypt, so you wouldn’t need Cloudflare.

What’s your domain and what’s your encryption mode on Cloudflare?

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Please see the screenshot.

Yes, that is a secure setting.

Can you post a screenshot of https://dash.cloudflare.com/?to=/:account/diamondmercury.com/security/events?

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Are any of these requests Wordpress related? Do you recognise the IP addresses? If not, it’s not blocked by Cloudflare.

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No, It is not blocked. There is no problem from cloudflare end? I am using a shared hosting platform. Would it be the reason? Wordpress codes are fine, cloudflare is fine then i do not know. Please share your comments. Thanks.

Then you need to debug that and find out why the update does not work. Generally, the update shouldn’t connect via Cloudflare but straight to Wordpress. But for the details you will need to debug the issue.

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