Wordpress Turnstile Plugin

since newest update Turnstile is not allowing users to login via woocommerce login form. There is always a captcha error, even in non interactive or invisible mode.
I figured out, that if I disable Turnstile for wordpress forms, it works again for woocommerce.
Maybe it’s useful for somebody else with same issue.

Hi @ok1, do you have a URL where Turnstile is used but doesn’t work correctly? If you can reproduce it, could you also click on the Cloudflare logo 5 times until it shows a QR code and post a screenshot of it here? Thanks!

Hi @mdemoura ,
if I click on the logo it forwards to Cloudflare web site.
How can I give you access without exposing everything publicly?

Forgot to mention that I have 3 wordpress installations where I can reproduce same issue.
I just found out that frontend logins are not working but admin login is functional.

Hi, which WordPress Turnstile plugin are you using?

If you are using the “Simple Cloudflare Turnstile” plugin, I’d be happy to help out! (I’m the developer.)


Hi @ElliotVS , yes, that is the one I’m using in latest version 1.7.
I like to use it but don’t know why it causes this problem only in frontend login form. Tell me what you need to investigate :smiley:
Best regards

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Please give it a try with the latest version recently released (1.17.1) and hopefully this should be fixed for you. :+1:


Hi, @ElliotVS,
it works now with your new release. Thanks a lot :smiley:


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