WordPress too many redirects

I recently setup Cloudflare so that I could use Kajabi (a course hosting site) with my own domain. My website is in Wordpress
I initially setup the DNS CNAME entries to direct my main domain to Kajabi, but I didn’t like that, so now I’ve changed the DNS CNAME record to use a sub-domain for the kajabi piece which is working and I have a cname record for www to my domain. And an A record for that domain tied to an IP address.
But now when I try to access my www.domain.com which should direct it to my Wordpress site, I get an error message that it redirected too many times. I’m wondering if my DNS records are incorrect? Maybe the A record?

I also saw an article that maybe the problem is that wordpress doesn’t like the SSL/TLS encryption settings in cloudflare. I tried changing the encryption settings to ‘flexible’, but that didn’t seem to fix the problem.

Sounds like a redirect at your origin is in conflict with a Forwarding Page Rule you have on Cloudflare which is causing a loop.

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