Wordpress to Cloudflare, Email going to spam or not authenticated


I have a wordpress website.

Newsletters, subscription emails and other emails are going to spam and even if i take them out of spam it is showing not authenticated. Someone told me about SPF and DKIM. please let me know what and where to add these records. My site is hosted on Blue host

You have DKIM, which is good. But you have two SPF records, which causes an error.

A site I use for testing mail is:

Thankyou. Please let me know which one should I remove.

It depends on which host(s) you use for sending email. The bottom one is all Bluehost, and the top is websitewelcome…whatever that is. If I were to flip a coin, I’d get rid of websitewelcome. That one seems the least useful.

Thanks again! i have removed the entry as per suggestion. Now let’s see where email would end up. I’ll update here.

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