Wordpress tinymce Visual Editor not working

My wordpress site is working well, but when I edit a page, the Visual Editor button does not work, forcing me to do all editing in raw HTML. I have located a few website forums discussing the problem, but I felt coming here would gve me my best solution. Please advise. Thanks. I’m running latest version of Wordpress.

Are you getting any errors in your browsers console while loading the editor?

Also, if you have rocket loader / js minification enabled, try disabling it for a moment and see if that solves the problem.

Thanks for responding. No, I’m seeing no errors in browser. The problem seems to have begun after SSL was activated. I shut rocket loader off and unticked JS minification, purged the cache and problem remains. I’m open to any suggestions. Thanks,

Can you check the post link? Cloudflare redirects HTTP to HTTPS, and I believe browsers don’t carry over POST data in the redirect. The wordpress settings may need to be changed so the url scheme is HTTPS (https://example.com instead of http://example.com).

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Thanka for writing. I did change to https to no avail. I did some further analysis and found the problem is there even when Cloudflare is paused. There is something in the site itself causing the problem, not Cloudflare. I had assumed Cloudflare since that was the major change I had completed, but there seems to be a minor conflict in plugins to assess. I will close this if I can figure how to do it. Thanks again for your help.

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