Wordpress themes issue

I did it and it started working but my site theme stopped working I changed it to few one also to the wordpress original but nothing worked.
Any special methods for wordpress?

Your Browser’s Dev Tools (F12 for Chrome) are pretty good at tracking down website errors in their Console and Network tabs.

What’s the domain?

Sometimes that causes by insecure contents related to resources within page while SSL is used, where unsecured content will be disabled and unusual behavior for the page will be shown, if that is your issue then just do this, enable both " Automatic HTTPS Rewrites" and " Always Use HTTPS" in SSL/TLS app at your domain account, where first one rewrite the urls within page source to https rather than http automatically (which will solve the unsecured contents withing the page alert) , and the second one will redirect clients to use https version of website.

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the domain is

Thank you
I will try

I’ve visited your website and found everything go well, hope everything working well :smiley:

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