Wordpress theme doesn't support video embeds. How do I use a URL instead?

I’m using the Divi builder, which is fine for some things, but not for others - streaming, for example.
Is there any way we can use a URL instead of an embed?

This is a question for a Wordpress forum…


gosh, it’s been a while for me, i recall something like “Insert Video from URL” for Divi

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Thank you, yes. They do in fact have that feature. However, how do you do that from Cloudflare? The streaming URLs provided don’t work, but I’m quite certain I’m doing something wrong in the process.

honestly you have me there, i can’t think of any way Cloudflare configuration could cause this problem, but there is a lot i don’t know

Thank you, but I’m so new to all this I’m sure it’s operator error.
Among my ignorant questions: Is there a URL? The ones provided - HLS Manifest and Dash Manifest - don’t seem to work.

there is no such thing as an ignorant question :slight_smile: i just don’t know. might need to reach out to WordPress and Divi if nobody here has any ideas?

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Thanks again. Yes, I have multiple conversations with support from Divi - not so much WP. So far, with the embed code, I’ve successfully had a looping video on the admin end, and then when I publish, no joy. It’s like the Warner Brothers cartoon about the singing frog LOL.

Well, I pretty much figured it out. One of the Divi modules will accept the embed, but it won’t autoplay outside of the admin once we’re live. I’m not sure what’s up; the video seems to have an autoplay property in it, but there is just too much code to be able to figure it out. Any ideas?

Figured that out, too. I allowed downloading, and enabled all options: autoplay, controls, loop, preload, and muted. Now the thing loads and works. I still fail to see what was going on in the code to hamper autoplay in the first place, though.

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hum, glad you figured that out :slight_smile: i’m not very familiar with Divi/Wordpress sites. The enabling of the autoplay option might be what did it…

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