Wordpress support docs don't match what is seen on wordpress

The instructions and graphic Cloudflare provides for editing Wordpress.com (hosting) your support link about dns and cnames looks nothing like what one sees on wordpress upgrades domains DNS records Manage In fact the graphic showing what information should be placed where has nothing to do with what I see in Manage DNS. This should not be such a headache. Support docs should reflect real world experience.

I added Cloudflare server names

I purchased the wordpress addon

I am stuck at how to configure the new CNAME on wordpress window (described above).

Also when I try to install the wordpress plugin I get an error that says redhawksrisng cannot be accessd. This was a mispelling of my domain so I deleted it, and added the correct domain redhawksrising.com but still when trying to install plugin it is showing me the previous mispelled domain.

Hey @bgramreefer,

Can you send me a screenshot of the error you’re seeing?

Wordpress.com may change there UI overtime, and it’s nearly impossible to keep every guide updated with every change. If you use this guide here Connect a Domain (Alternative Method) – WordPress.com Support

Got it working and corrected spelling all round. my bad. thanks.