Wordpress Super Page Cache for Cloudflare - cannot enable caching anymore

Hi! I’m using Wordpress Super Page Cache for Cloudflare, already for a long time.

Suddenly after a reboot of my web server, the caching is disabled according to the plugin, and when i try to enable it i get an error: “Page Rule limit has been met (err code: 1008)”.

An online search indicates that this error means there are too many page rules in my Cloudflare account for this domain.

However, in my Cloudflare page rules there are only 2 active, so a third one should be possible.

Anyone has any idea what might be the cause and solution?

I wonder, may I ask if your domain was added under some CF account who’s provider might be a hosting partner of Cloudflare, therefore might be they limited or restricted some options, which are even available on a Free plan :thinking:

Or did you individually created your CF account and added your domain to it?

But there might be a 3rd one being inactive, still couting towards “total page rules” available for your plan :thinking:


Thanks for your reply. The account was created manually and the domain was added by me.

In total there are only 2 rules.

Kind regards,

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