Wordpress Subdomain

Yes there is… it is a shield with an red x against it…!

This is the url we see in the post admin… but when we click the link it takes us to the https
Currently we cant edit posts or edit
Trying a new post has the same permalink http


In your WP Admin area, go to Settings, General.
Change the WordPress Address (URL) and the Site Address (URL) to include https://

Try refreshing page and logging in again.

If not, if you choose load scripts from unauthenticated sources, does it then work?

That has broken something… now I am afraid!!

Ah… is your SSL mode in the Cloudflare dashboard set to ‘Flexible’? - Login, select domain, choose ‘Crypto’

yes it is set to flexible.
yep, we cant get to the wp admin now.

  1. Do you use cPanel for your hosting?

  2. Do you have an SSL cert installed on your server?

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Our site is hosted by UKFast
I did the SSL through Cloudflare

Where did you login to install wordpress - do you have a login for cPanel with your provider - like this:

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If you don’t know, temporarily bypass Cloudflare (turn A record orange cloud to grey by clicking on it) . Then log in to wp-admin and change URL back to http://

As you saw from the attached articles above, flexible SSL doesn’t get on that well with WordPress. Ideally, you would use Full or Full (strict) but this would require installing an ssl cert on the server (easy to do with cPanel)

I can probably get access to the UK fast control panel… or ask them to make a change…
We moved it all over to UK Fast after the initial install…

No, that didnt work… I turned both orange clouds to grey… the full url one and the www one…
The blog itself still loads…
just not the login. I did change it back to http but it wouldnt save… then it chucked me out and I cant get back in now

In Cloudflare dashboard, select domain, Under ‘Overview’, underneath the status, click ‘Advanced’. Click ‘Pause’ and try again

No, that hasnt worked either…
blog still loads as normal

Re-enable Cloudflare again (unpause and change records back to orange) while I have a think!!!

OK, thank you! this is bizarre!

Can you access the website file manager or via FTP?

yes, we can log into the main sites back end
Just the WP we cant…

Yes… what do you use for FTP access?

Will this be via the FTP access?
I am lost at this point you see.